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The Port of Niigata

The Port of Niigata

Exploring the Gems of Niigata Port

Located in the center of Niigata City, the Port of Niigata serves as a gateway to the rich culture and tours of Niigata Prefecture. Renown for natural scenic beauty, legendary artisans, and delicious cuisine, Niigata Port offers an array of fascinating tours and experiences for cruise ship passengers. 

From artisan tours visiting the factories and workshops of legendary artisans, hands on workshops to make your own Japanese knives, culinary tours, and more; Niigata Port is one of the finest ports for tours in Japan. 

This page focuses on content tailored toward cruise ship passengers visiting this port and therefore centers around experiences that can be had in a single day.  For more information on Niigata and general tour information, please see our article on Niigata Prefecture here

Quick Info

Quick Facts

  • East access to Niigata Station which has bullet trains which can take you to places like Tsubame Sanjo, Nagaoka City, and Ojiya City for deep Japan tours. 
  • Tour guides can meet you at the port and take you on a private tour for your time ashore. 

A Special Note For Cruise Passengers

Tours and taxis should be booked in advance of your arrival.  
Guides and taxis will often be booked out in advance and the taxi stand at the port can face long lines during times when passengers get off the ship and try to return from the city center.  

Plan to be back at your ship a minimum of 1.5 hours before your boarding cut off.

Explore Splendor of Niigata Port

Niigata is one of our main locations for deep Japan experiences offering incredible cultural opportunities.  From artisan tours with hands on experiences, koi farm visits, and food tours, there is plenty to see and do during your time ashore.

Cruise Ship Tour Inquiries

Please feel free to reach out to us for activity recommendations, guides, and tour arrangements for your time ashore at the Port of Niigata. We offer a number of tours specially made for cruise passengers.