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The Hidden Japan LLC is a nationally licensed travel agency able to provide travel arrangements nationwide across Japan.

Based in Yamagata Prefecture and established in 2016, we specialize in deep Japan experiences and custom tour crafting nationwide, specializing in the Tohoku region and Niigata Prefecture.

Our company  also works closely with governments to help promote Japan for international travel.

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We can craft bespoke tours for your group throughout the whole of Japan, catering to special requests such as finding an hot springs ryokan inn that will allow tattooed guests, vegan or vegetarian meals, etc. 
Virtual tours can be offered for cetain experiences and locations, if you are interested send us a message.

Have questions about the trip you're planning and need advice from experienced tour crafters who have insider knowledge? Drop us a line and we can see how we can help!

We are passionate about you experiencing the deeper Japan and want to help you achieve that. We are happy to reserve any specialty experiences we offer or any type of lodgings that pique your interest.

We are happy to hear any communication about wanting to work together or answer any questions about our company.

Connect with us!

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Note that we may ask for a consulting, crafting or arrangement fee depending on the complexity of your request.