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Adventure Tourism Experiences

Far from the crowded tourist paths and major cities, the northern region of Tohoku excels in its offering of rich natural adventures to be had for those looking to mix in the outdoors into their tour itineraries.

From hiking the Dewa Sanzan to catching and cooking your own fish, we have a wide variety of outdoor offerings that you can see below.

Featured Active Experiences

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Dawn Reflections of Rice Paddies Hike

Around the end of May, rice fields of the Okitama region are filled with water. This hike aims to see the sunrise colors the surface of the rice fields and scattered villages below and travel to the summit of Mt. Kumano.

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Hidden Outdoor Okitama Tour

Interact with the abundant nature of the Okitama region- experience a hot air balloon ride, canoe in picturesque gorges and enjoy a night walking tour through the traditional Akayu onsen district.

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The Arcadian Journey

Embark on a journey to experience the unspoiled wilderness of the Okitama region in rural Yamagata, Japan. Visit the places written about generations past, enjoying the sights, locals, cuisine and culture of the land.

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Yamagata Cycling: Nature and Craft

Tour around Yamagata City by e-bike, enjoy learning about the history and culture and create pottery in the Hirashimizu artisan hamlet. After pottery, visit a local restaurant for a lunch of Yamagata soba.

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