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Mountain Vegetable Harvesting in Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture

Forage for delicious mountain vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms in the pristine nature of Mt. Gassan and other part of Yamagata Prefecure.

These tours are led by local farmers and mountain guides who will help you identify and forage in a safe and environmentally friendly manner during a hike from trail heads, ryokan, and farmer home stays.

After gathering these vegetables, you will then return to the lodge for a lesson on how to prepare and cook them. Lastly, you will of course be able to enjoy your harvest with your fellow members with a delicious set meal!

See below for more information about the various harvesting tours available.

Experience Mountain Vegetable Foraging

What's Included

Harvesting in the mountains with a mountain guide.
Cooking your sansai together with locals. 
Eat your harvested vegetables.


from 20,000 yen per person

Minimum amount of participants

2 people

Experience Availability

Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Note that the dates for this event vary by year due to the weather. This experience is usually available starting in June and can be done until mid-July.

Average Duration

Approximately 4 hours

Meeting Location

Location varies by season.  Contact us and we will advise on the best spot at that time of year. 

Important notes

We ask that guests make their bookings at least 1 week in advance.
Experience availability may vary. Reserve to confirm availability.
Please notify us at least 3 days before if you must cancel or modify your reservation.

Hiking and Foraging for Mountain Vegetables

One of our main offerings for this experience will begin  at Kita-Gassanso Lodge with a lecture by your mountain guide describing the schedule for the hike and the rules to follow. They will also show examples of the types of vegetation you will be looking out for.

Then you will begin a light hike along one of the many trails from the lodge, and into the beautiful forests of Mt. Gassan.

Along the way, your guide will stop to show you how to identify the edible plants of the forest, and you can begin to gather your haul for the delicious meal ahead!

This is a casual 1.5-hour hike on maintained trails, and will turn around at the beautiful lake at the Cabin Campground.

Preparation and Cooking (Kita-Gassanso Lodge) ​

After returning from your hike, locals who work at the Kita-Gassanso Lodge will help you prepare your harvest and teach you how to cook it.

The mountain vegetation can be eaten raw, boiled, or even lightly fried in tempura!  

Enjoying Your Harvest (Kita-Gassanso Lodge 2F) ​

And now for the best part!

After preparing and cooking the vegetables, you can now enjoy them for lunch in a dining room on the second floor. The flavors of these vegetables are unlike any commercial vegetables available. Bitter, sweet, succulent, impeccably crisp, and all fresh!

The flavors of these mountain vegetables are one of the must-have dining experiences here in the Japanese countryside.

Reserve your Mountian Vegetable Foraging today!

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Cancelation policy

Our general cancelation policy for our experiences is below. Cancelation fees may vary according to exceptional circumstances.

2 weeks before date of experience


2 weeks or less before date of experience

30% of total price

1 week or less before date of experience

50% of total price

less than one week before experience

100% of total price