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Shonai Region

Featuring Sakata and Tsuruoka city

Sakata City

Sakata is a port city that prospered thanks to its perfect position where the massive Mogami River flows into the ocean. It is also located next to Mt. Chokai and its vast network of spring water and waterfallsThis includes waterfalls that you can drink from and hikes that take you through the vast beech forests at the base of this beautiful mountain. Additionally, it is a major producer of high-grade rice and sake and this region has the highest consumption rate of ramen in Japan. 

Tsuruoka City

Blessed with towering mountains, vast open plains, and long stretches of rich coastline, Tsuruoka City is a rural farming city in the vast open plains of the Shonai Region. This is region has an absolute treasure trove of hidden gems to explore.

Immerse yourself in culture, history and lifestyle

The Shonai area has a lot to see and do and it is plain to see the influence history has on the region. In Sakata, it was common back in the day to entertain guests with food, sake, and Geisha, and this led to several Japanese-style restaurants and Geisha houses being established in the city, of which Somaro and the Sanno Club still maintain that olden-day charm.  Tsuruoka with its location near the sea allows it to have Yamagata prefecture’s aquarium and it being Japan’s only UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy shows its uniqueness.There are many cultural areas and things to do, here are our recommendations for these cities.

Love Shonai's nature

With access to Yamagata’s ocean, fields and mountains, the Shonai region is abundant in nature. Take in the lush natural beauty of each area while experiencing a Japan many have not traveled.