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Kamo Aquarium

Yamagata Prefecture

The aquarium with the most species of jellyfish in the world.

With over 50 species on display, the newly renovated Kamo Aquarium boasts the largest display of jellyfish in the world. This coastal aquarium boasts a beautifully designed structure both inside and out and was designed specifically to feature its many jellyfish displays.  

The Kamo Aquarium is particularly famous for the Jellyfish Dream Theater, a massive 5m tank that houses over 2,000 moon jellyfish.  This tank is also certified as the single largest jellyfish display in the world! 

In addition to its primary theme of sea jellies, this facility also features sea life that can be found off the coastline of the Western Tohoku Region.  This includes both freshwater aquatic life found in the rivers and lakes of Yamagata and saltwater life found in the sea.  

The Kamo Aquarium is located approximately 20-30 minutes away from Tsuruoka Station, making it an excellent addition to other tourist locations here in the Shonai Region.  

It is in close proximity to Yunohama Beach and has a great view of the sunset over the Sea of Japan.   

Moon jellyfish in the Kamo Aquarium

Quick Info


General admission: 1,000 yen
Elementary and Middle School Students: 500 yen
Children younger than elementary school: Free

Opening Hours

9:00am to 5:00pm (Last entry 4:00pm)

Average Duration

1-2 hours


997-1206 Yamagata-ken, Tsuruoka-shi, Imaizumi, Okubo-657-1

Other tips

The Kamo Aquarium is located right on the coast on the coastal section of Tsuruoka City.
There is a restaurant inside of this aquarium where you can eat delicious pufferfish and jellyfish ramen.
Has a large parking lot.
A great place to enjoy the sunset over the Sea of Japan!

Culinary Programs in the Kamo Aquarium

The sushi workshop in the Kamo Aquarium

The Kamo Aquarium also has a restaurant located nearby the entrance where you can enjoy fresh seafood caught in the oceans that surround the facility.  This restaurant is run by Chef Suda, one of Yamagata’s most famous chefs and specializes in fugu and jellyfish cuisine. 

Chef Suda also runs a special sushi workshop that is available for guests with advance reservation. 

In principle advance reservations are needed, but you are welcome to contact us at anytime and we would be happy to contact Chef Suda and ask if he can accommodate your request. 

To learn more please see the following experience page here.  

Jellyfish in the Kamo Aquarium


As the Kamo Aquarium is far from the nearest train station, we recommend it for guests with an interest in aquariums.  If not, the transport time needed does make it a bit far out of the way from other sightseeing spots and activities here in Yamagata.  

There is also a bus from Tsuruoka Station that stops next to the Kamo Aquarium, though these buses do not run very often.

It is highly recommended that you use a car to visit this aquarium in addition to getting around Tsuruoka City. See available rental car options here.