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Ika Tsuri Festival

Yamagata Prefecture

A festival for the safety and success of the fishermen of Sakata city.

When the waters of the Sea of Japan finally begin to settle down after a long winter, the brave fishermen of Sakata collectively embark on the first harvest expedition of the new year.  

Historically a very hazardous profession, the townsfolk of Sakata City hold a festival each year to fish for the safety and success of the fishermen.  This festival includes a variety of music performances, taiko drums, food, and a beautiful display of dozens of decorated fishing boats.

Boat Celebration
The final celebration before the ships depart.

Quick Info


Entry to the festival and performances are free.

Various food and products are available from street stalls.

Opening Hours

The date of this festival varies from year to year based off of the weather. Contact Sakata city for more information.

Average Duration

1 hour


Shitase, Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture 998-0837