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Dewa Sanzan Shojin Ryori

The traditional cuisine of the Yamabushi of the Dewa Sanzan Mountains

Shojin ryori, is an ancient cuisine found on the Dewa Sanzan Mountains developed by the Yamabushi mountain monks with a storied history dating back over 1,400 years from when these sacred mountains were first opened.  

Literally meaning “devotion cuisine”, shojin ryori is a cuisine that dates back to the 6th century when Buddhism was originally introduced into Japan and can be found throughout Buddhist temples across Japan.  

The shojin ryori of the Dewa Sanzan is distinctly different from other shojin ryori as a unique variant protected and developed over 14 centuries by the Yamabushi mountain monks of these mountains.  Most notable of these differences is the central theme of mountain vegetables found in this cuisine called sansai, seasonal and local ingredients harvested directly from the mountains by the local people and Yamabushi. 

These ingredients take incredible amounts of hands on preparation and expertise from the harvesting in the mountains and preparation that can take months until these ingredients are ready to eat.  

This cuisine carries the wisdom and teachings of the Yamabushi in every intricate dish and invite diners to a fresh perspective on thier bodies, lives , and a look into teachings of the Dewa Sanzan Mountains.   

Experience eating shojin ryori

What's Included

A shojin ryori meal served at a traditional shukubo temple lodging


7 dishes of shojin ryori: 4000 yen per person
10 dishes of shojin ryori: 5000 yen per person

Experience Availability

All-year round with irregular closing days.
Reservations are available for the following times: 11:00am, 11:30am, 12:00pm, 12:30pm, 1:00pm.
Being 30 minutes late or more to your reservation will cause your reservation to be cancelled, regardless of the reason why.

Average Duration

30 minutes-1 hour


Saikan located on Mt. Haguro, close to the top of the stone steps

Important notes

Experience availability may vary. Reserve to confirm availability.
Reservations for shojin ryori here are mandatory, which must be made generally 2-3 days in advance. You cannot show up the day of.
Please take careful note of our cancellation policies and strict adherence to time.  This is very important as Saikan is located at the top of Mt. Haguro and guests must plan accordingly and take full responsibility for any risks with problems with hiking time, weather, and other factors that may hinder their ability to reach this restaurant.  Please see this article on Mt. Haguro for instructions on how to get to the top of the mountain either by car or hiking. 

Saikan, a restaurant that serves shojin ryori on Mt. Haguro.

Where to Eat Shojin Ryori

Our top recommendation to enjoy shojin ryori is through a stay at one of the shukubo temple lodgings of the Dewa Sanzan on Mt. Haguro.  These lodges run by the Yamabushi serve shojin ryori for dinner and breakfast and are an integral part of this unique lodging that prepares travelers for their entrance or training on the mountains.  

Dewa Sanzan shojin ryori can also be had for lunch at Saikan, a former temple next to the Dewa Sanzan Shrine on the top of Mt. Haguro.  This is a popular option for day trip visitors who can rest after a hike up Mt. Haguro and a visit to the Dewa Sanzan Shrine with a delicious lunch.  

Reservations for shojin ryori here are mandatory that must be made generally 2-3 days in advance, you cannot show up the day of. 

You can also spend the night at Saikan similar to the shukubo and even take part in a shojin ryori workshop where you harvest sansai in the forest and cook it together to make your own shojin ryori.  

Sansai harvesting on Mt. Haguro

Reservations for Shojin Ryori on Mt. Haguro

As an operator of Yamabushi tours on the Dewa Sanzan, The Hidden Japan has close relations with locals in this region including Saikan. We act as an intermediary between travelers and facilities like the shukubo and the Yamabushi to help arrange experiences. This includes accepting reservations for shojin ryori at Saikan on the top of Mt. Haguro. 

You can send a booking inquiry for your experience below. After we receive your inquiry, we will confirm the booking with our partners and send you a booking confirmation email at least 3 days before your desired date.
Please note this form does not confirm the availability of an experience or reserves an experience straightaway.

Cancelation policy

Our cancelation policy for this experience is below. Cancelation fees may vary according to exceptional circumstances.

10 business days before date of experience


9 business days or less before date of experience

100% of total price