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Sake Tasting in Tsuruoka City

Yamagata Prefecture

Enjoy some of the finest sake of Yamagata Prefecture through a special tasting experience right next to Tsuruoka Station in Tsuruoka City.

In this session, participants will be able to choose from a wide selection of sake produced by the dozens of sake breweries found across this region of Japan.  The tasting will be accompanied by a seasonal dish prepared by the bartender.

Experience Sake Tasting in Tsuruoka

What's Included

Sake tasting from a wide selection of sake produced by dozens of sake breweries.
The tasting will be accompanied by a seasonal dish prepared by the bartender.


from 5,000 yen per person 

Experience Availability

All-year round 
Sake Tasting is available from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Average Duration

30 minutes

Meeting Location

Tsuruoka Station

Important notes

We ask that guests make their bookings at least 1 week in advance.
Experience availability may vary. Reserve to confirm availability.
Please notify us at least 3 days before if you must cancel or modify your reservation.

The Blessings of Shonai

The Shonai Region of  Yamagata Prefecture is renowned for producing some of the highest grades of rice in the entire country thanks to the pure water that flows down from the Dewa Sanzan Mountains and Mt. Chokai.

These mountains also provide bountiful crystal clear spring water that flows up from deep beneath the earth after spending up to 1,000 years underground.

This availability of high-grade rice, spring water, and centuries of knowledge accumulated by the sake families here has led to this region becoming one of the most famous sake-producing areas in all of Japan.

Yamagata Sake is also the only sake in Japan with a Geographical Indication and regularly dominates in both national and international sake competitions. Learn more about this here in our article about Yamagata Sake.

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