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Fugu Pufferfish Workshop

Yamagata Prefecture

See firsthand the incredibly intricate art of one of the culinary world’s most daring and delicious delicacies.

Tora fugu (tiger pufferfish) is an incredibly poisonous fish with dazzling white and delicious sashimi that is a highly prized ingredient regarded as one of the most prized fish in Japan. 

Not to be mistaken with other species of fugu, this pufferfish has rich umami flavor and a structured texture that is quite unique from most Fugu that are largely flavorless and primarily served as karage or in hotpot cooking. These distinct qualities and its beautiful pure white colors make Tora Fugu a perfect sashimi fish to craft beautiful works of art such as the crane pictured above.   

This experience is led by a master fugu chef with decades of experience working with fugu.  Despite the dangerous image which is often portrayed in western countries, eating fugu prepared by a professional and highly trained chef is very safe, and any cases of poisoning are exceedingly rare.

Experience a Fugu Pufferfish Workshop

What's Included

A professional chef will prepare and present the highest grade of fugu pufferfish in front of you.
You will be able to taste and experience the prepared fugu pufferfish.


from 18,000 yen per person

Experience Availability

All-year round

Average Duration

2 hours

Meeting Location

Tsuruoka or Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture

Minimum amount of participants

2 people

Important notes

Experience availability may vary. Reserve to confirm availability.
Please notify us at least 3 days before if you must cancel or modify your reservation.
We ask that guests make their bookings at least 2 weeks in advance.

Experience fugu pufferfish up-close and personal

This demonstration takes place in Japanese restaurants in Tsuruoka City and Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture. 

Tora Fugu is a native species of puffer to this region and is almost exclusively caught off the coast here. 
This is in sharp contrast to the fugu market in Japan which is primarily made up of farm-raised pufferfish.

Tora Fugu is further the highest grade of fugu in Japan and a single fish can cost upwards of $500.

A surprisingly large amount of fugu has high concentrations of toxins that must be removed with great precision.  The chef will first remove these from the pufferfish as he breaks apart its bony body and lay it out on a dish for everyone to see.   

He will then extract the fillet of the fugu and prepare to plate it into sashimi for guests to enjoy.

Do not be nervous about eating fugu. Licensed fugu chefs must undergo over three years of intensive training to prepare this fish, and many have spent a lifetime working with these fish. Despite what many food magazines may say, eating fugu from licensed chefs in Japan is, in reality, not a particularly daring experience. Nevertheless, we would highly encourage all travelers the opportunity to give this unique delicacy a try – Just imagine the look of surprise when you tell your friends and family back home!

Few places in Japan offer you the chance to see this process of preparation and presentation in person, so we hope you will enjoy your time with Chef Suda and learn about the historical legacy of one of Japan’s most unique dishes.

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