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Bridgitte Kayasith

Bridgitte was born and raised in Canberra, Australia's captial city. Having a large interest in Japan, she moved to Japan in 2019 and taught English in Yamagata for two years. Her love for travel led her to enter the tourism industry, working as a hotel front in Sendai. She later moved back to Yamagata to work as a member of The Hidden Japan. In her free time, she loves to visit cafes, admire anything cute and find happiness in the little things.

Farm to Bar

Experience the fruit kingdom of Yamagata Prefecture. Meet a Yamagata farmer and visit their orchard to harvest fresh fruit, then head to a cocktail bar where the bartender will craft an original cocktail or mocktail just for you!

Samurai Story

Cultivate your mind, body and spirit as you experience firsthand how the samurai arts and traditions live on in the present day. In this private eight-day tour, participate in personalized experiences led by masters, whilst being supported by English-speaking guides knowledgeable in martial arts.