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Be a Shinto Miko Shrine Maiden For a Day

Experience a day in the life of a Shinto shrine maiden

Kumano Taisha Shrine is one of the most revered shrines in all of northern Japan, enshrining the gods Izanagi and Izanami who, according to myth, were the first married couple in Japan. As such, this shrine is known as a power spot where those looking for love come to pray. 

With advance reservation, female visitors to this shrine are able to have the extraordinary opportunity to experience being a miko, a shrine maiden, for a day. Your English-speaking guide will support you while you wear traditional miko clothing, learn about appropriate shrine maiden behavior and manners, create your own amulet with your wish inside of it, learn about the Shinto religion and participate in a formal ceremony visiting the gods enshrined in Kumano Taisha Shrine. Afterwards, transfer and enjoy a lunch using local ingredients to end your experience.

This experience is run in collaboration with Okitama-based Yamagata Arcadia Tourism Bureau.

Japanese shrine maiden experience

What's Included

  • Shrine maiden clothing rental
  • Any tool rental needed in experience
  • Lecture on Shinto religion
  • Amulet making experience
  • Formal ceremony visiting the enshrined gods
  • Lunch set
  • White tabi socks
  • English-speaking guide


Please inquire

Experience Availability


  • April 14 (Sun)
  • April 19 (Fri)
  • May 11 (Sat)
  • May 24 (Fri)
  • June 7 (Fri)
  • July 13 (Sat)
  • July 19 (Fri)
  • August 17 (Sat)
  • August 23 (Fri)
  • September 13 (Fri)
  • October 4 (Fri)
  • October 12 (Sat)
  • November 9 (Sat)
  • November 22 (Fri)
  • December 14 (Sat)


  • January 16 (Thu)
  • January 22 (Wed)
  • February 7 (Fri)
  • February 13 (Thu)
  • March 26 (Wed)

Average Duration

Approximately 6 hours

Meeting Location

Kumano Taisha Shrine

We can arrange a private charter vehicle on request (additional fees apply).

Minimum number of participants

2 people

Maximum number of participants

10 people

Important notes

Experience availability may vary. Reserve to confirm availability.
Please notify us at least 7 business days before if you must cancel or modify your reservation.

Experience being a Japanese shrine maiden

Begin this unique experience by meeting your English-speaking interpreter-guide, then dressing in a shrine maiden outfit and meditatively sweeping the grounds of a Kumano Taisha Shrine. Inside the main hall, learn about the Shinto religion and the history of the shrine. Then, make your very own lucky amulet with your wish enclosed inside it.

Later, the chief priest leads a formal prayer where the shrine maidens (meaning you, too!) make offerings and prayers to the enshrined deities, which are known for bestowing good fortune for love and relationships. Perhaps your wish will come true…!

To wrap up, enjoy a locally-sourced lunch at a select cafe or restaurant included with your experience package. 

Sample tour schedule

8:30 AM Meet in at Kumano Taisha Shrine in Nanyo→ Reception→ Listen to explanation about experience→ Dress in shrine maiden clothing→ Sweep the shrine grounds→ Learn about Shinto religion→ Create your own amulet→ Formal prayer ceremony→ 12:20 PM Change back to normal clothing →Transfer to lunch location (not arranged by us unless requested) → Enjoy lunch with local ingredients → Experience ends

Japanese shrine maiden experience​ reservation

You can send a booking inquiry for your experience below. After we receive your inquiry, we will confirm the booking with our partners and send you a booking confirmation email at least 7 business days before your desired date.
Please note this form does not confirm the availability of an experience or reserves an experience straightaway.

Cancellation policy

Our general cancellation policy for this experience is below. Cancellation fees may vary according to exceptional circumstances.

3 business days before tour start date

20% of total price

Date of experience before designated start time

50% of total price

After designated start time, or in the event of a no show

100% of total price