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Soba Workshop in Yamagata City

Craft artisan soba, conveniently located in Yamagata City.

This soba workshop allows you to have the opportunity to create Japanese soba noodles from scratch, right in the heart of Yamagata City. The local soba masters guide you from start to finish, from mixing the flour to boiling the noodles ready to eat. See what skill and technique goes into a plate of soba, then enjoy your finished noodles!

Experience a Soba Making Experience

What's Included

Ingredient costs and room hire
English-speaking guide
Guidance from experienced local Japanese soba master(s)
The opportunity to authentically eat your freshly made soba boiled by the chef(s)


2 people: 20000 per person
3+ people: 15000 yen per person

Experience Availability

All-year round. 

Average Duration

3 hours

Meeting Location

Q1 Yamagata, Yamagata city

Minimum amount of participants

Depending on the amount of participants, there may be more than one soba master guiding.
In the case of 1 person, you can pay the price of 2 people to have a one-on-one cooking session, with an English-speaking guide. 

Important notes

Experience availability may vary. Reserve to confirm availability.
Please notify us at least 3 days before if you must cancel or modify your reservation.

Meet at Q1 Yamagata, Creative City Center

Your soba workshop will be held in the Q1 Yamagata Creative City Center building. Incidentally, our Yamagata office is located on the ground floor this building, so you can leave any luggage inside our office if you have any. 

On the floor above are rental kitchen spaces. The soba masters will be prepared and waiting for you in the twin kitchen. Your English-speaking guide will help you communicate with each other during this workshop.

Preparing the soba noodles

First, you will mix the specially prepared soba flour with water in a large laquer bowl prepared especially for soba making. Using spread out fingertips moving in a circular motion, you will slowly combine the ingedients together until it forms a dough.

After combining, kneading the dough in a specific way will guarantee the structure of your soba noodles. The soba master supporting you will make sure this technique is done correctly.

Next, the dough will be rolled using the soba master’s special tools, some of them being handmade! The soba is ready to be cut witn a soba noodle making knife after it is rolled out. What kind of thickness the soba will be will depend on the person cutting it!

Connecting with soba noodles

After cutting your noodles, sit back, chat with the local soba masters and your local guide while letting the soba masters boil your soba noodles. Mentsuyu (soba noodle sauce) will be served with your soba, and you can learn how to authentically eat soba, with sobayu (the hot water used to boil the soba) at the end. After one batch is done boiling, there are a lot more to cook, so you will definitely be full by the time it is all completed! Enjoy your time eating your handmade soba noodles and connecting with the locals by eating and chatting with each other and learning about the area and their trade.

Sample Program Outline

10:00:  Meet at Q1 Kitchen and meet the soba master.
10:00-11:30: Prepare the soba noodles from scratch.
11:30-13:00:  While participants and the guide are eating and chatting, the chefs will boil and serve batches of the handmade soba.

Inquire about your Soba Workshop today!

You can send a booking inquiry for your experience below. After we receive your inquiry, we will confirm the booking with our partners and send you a booking confirmation email at least 3 days before your desired date.
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Cancelation policy

Our general cancelation policy for our experiences is below. Cancelation fees may vary according to exceptional circumstances.

3 business days before date of experience


2 business days before date of experience

30% of total price

1 business day before date of experience

50% of total price

Same day

100% of total price