Sakata Firework Festival

Yamagata Prefecture

One of the greatest displays in Yamagata Prefecture is Sakata City's firework festival.

Aside from its abundance of rich nature, mountains, and UNESCO-recognized cuisine, Yamagata is also famous for its extravagant summer firework displays held in the summer and winter. One of the main contenders for the greatest displays in this prefecture is Sakata City‘s firework festival which features a wide launch platform and massive fireworks that fill the entire night sky with dazzling lights synched with a variety of songs.

Those in Yamagata during the month of August will certainly wish to pay this festival a visit and it is even worth a special journey from Tokyo or other parts of Japan. Note that hotels and trains during this festival will be stretched to their limits and advanced planning is a must. 

Starting in 2022, the Sakata Firework Festival implemented reserved seating for its entire viewing area and advanced reservations are required to see this event. The Hidden Japan was one of the event planners for this festival and are happy to help international people wishing to make a reservation in the future.

Quick Info


All seating for the Sakata Firework Festival is reserved seating. See below for costs.

Opening Hours

2022: August 6th, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (Canceled)

Average Duration

1 – 3 hours


The viewing location is along the river trail of the Mogami River, here is the approximate address.  
Tsutsumicho, Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture 998-0835

How to get tickets to the Sakata Firework Festival

A basic seating chart of the festival.

For the 2022 Sakata Firework Festival, seating was reserved seating only before the event was canceled due to coronavirus. Please use the below information for reference for future festivals.

While the fireworks festival starts at 7:30 pm, we advise all attendees to be in their seats by 7:00 pm at the latest.

Seating prices vary depending on locations.

Seats A, S, and C are only for groups of 2-4 people and start at 10,000 yen per spot. Note that seats in areas S and A represent the center of the viewing area.

Seating for B Area seating starts at 2,500 yen per person for single seats.

The Hidden Japan was a board member of the Sakata Firework Festival planning committee in 2022 and reserved a plot of seating in area A for international residents living in Japan.

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