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Rental Cars in Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture

The best way to get around Yamagata.

When asked what the single most difficult part of traveling here in the Japanese countryside is, our answer may surprise you. It is not the lack of English, the weather, or even the customs. It is transportation.

Public transportation options here in rural Japan require very precise and careful planning. Many bus lines only run a limited times per day and constantly change due to difficulties with a rapidly decreasing population. 

Though the challenges in driving in Japan on the opposite side of the road compared to America can be a challenge, it is a recommended way to give yourself much more freedom when exploring the countryside here.  Many of the best locations here in Tohoku are not near public transportation and will also allow you to get around expensive taxi fees. 

With wide open roads, no traffic, and very easy-going drivers, driving here in Yamagata is part of the enjoyment of visiting this region.

We have partnered with a local rental car company in Yamagata  to provide the following types of rental cars that can be picked up and dropped off at a number of convenient locations. 

Rent a car in Yamagata

These cars may be conveniently picked up directly across Yamagata. The rental price is calculated per day, not per hour. All prices include insurance. We also require a ¥500 transaction fee. 
Pick up locations:

  • Yamagata Station (Yamagata City)
  • Tsuruoka Station (Tsuruoka City)
  • The Port of Sakata (for cruise passengers) 

Custom pick-up locations are also possible for extra fees, please contact us and we will confirm with the rental car company.  

All you need to rent one of the cars below are the following:

  • An international driver’s license
  • Passport

Kei Cars

Light weight vehicles for easy transportation.
– 4 people (driver + max. 3 passengers)
– ¥5,600 per day

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars combining great fuel efficiency with comfort and size.
– 5 people  (driver + max. 4 passengers)
– ¥11,500 per day

Compact Cars

Compact cars are larger and more comfortable than kei cars.
– 5 people  (driver + max. 4 passengers)
– ¥7,000 per day

Mini Vans

Large mini vans for large groups or families with huge carry capacity.
– 8 people  (driver + max. 7 passengers)
– ¥19,500 per day

Rent a car in Yamagata

You can send a booking inquiry for your rental car below. After we receive your inquiry, we will confirm the booking with our providers and send you a booking confirmation email at least 3 days before your desired date.
Please note this form does not confirm the availability of a rental car or reserves an rental car straightaway.

Cancelation policy

Our general cancelation policy for our rental cars is below. Cancelation fees may vary according to exceptional circumstances.

7 business days before rental start date


6 business days or fewer before rental start date